Join for Joy

We strongly believe that every child should experience the joyful energy of childhood.

We manifest this belief by organizing summer camps and sports and play activities at schools for children living in developing countries.

Through play and sports activities, music and dance, role-playing and creative exercises, Join for Joy offers these children a unique opportunity to express themselves freely and feel what it means to be youthful.

Our mission relies on the spirit of local partners, schools, volunteers, and of course of the kids. Because teamwork makes the dream work.

Joined so far

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  • Joyful

    Joy is central to our activities. Our purpose is to let children enjoy the activities of our summer camps and sports and playing program at schools. The energy of the kids is contagious: after the summer camps our local partners and volunteers all return to their normal lives inspired, energized and light heartedly. Also Join for Joy itself enjoys the benefits of this shared joyful energy in order to reach its own ambitions.

  • Open

    The summer camps stand or fall by the efforts and input of our volunteers and local partners. Not only do they support Join for Joy, they inspire us by exchanging suggestions and ideas for which Join for Joy provides a platform. These ideas range from innovative fundraising actions to new program elements. Join for Joy highly values a direct and transparent relation with all our participants; ranging from schoolteachers, parents, children, volunteers, cooks, to of course our sponsors.

  • Growth

    During the summer camps children develop teambuilding skills. They learn how to win and lose, and how to bring out the best in each other. With our specially tailored program Join for Joy informs children about health issues and future job opportunities. This way, Join for Joy hopes to broaden their horizons and give their development an extra boost. Growth is our shared goal: Join for Joy aims to have a steep learning curve, and seeks to expand the scope of its activities in order to help as many children as possible.

Jorrit van Niekerk
Like one of the teachers said about the career day: ‘’it is really valuable that, with this subject from the Join for Joy program, the children get a boost. It makes a big difference for them to see in real life what they can become in the future. Read more
Rody Turpijn
"This is what Join for Joy is about: letting kids be kids" Read more
Justine Berger
"Kulala salama and dream about all the beautiful animals you saw today, tomorrow will be a new day full of fun and games." Read more
Janet Wanjiru
"Through you, we have been able to see many things" Read more
  • Campground and materials

    € 1.667
  • Excursions

    € 500
  • Sports and playing materials

    € 400
  • Clothing

    € 333
  • Medical check / Medicine

    € 500
  • Salaries of local staff

    € 1.000
  • Education materials

    € 267
  • Car / Transport

    € 833
  • Food and drinks

    € 500
  • Sports and playing materials

    € 250
  • Game Box

    € 45
  • Game Manual

    € 10
  • Transport

    € 35
  • Salaries of local staff

    € 100
  • Substitutes

    € 60

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Registration – Chamber of Commerce

Annual Report Join for Joy 2013

Annual Report Join for Joy 2012

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