An experience to cherish and never forget! Last November I was a trainer for the sport & development training of Join for Joy in Thika (Kenya). Beforehand I was trained and well prepared and I was really looking forward but did not really know what to expect. Together with Meike Smit I was supposed to train 16 teachers of 4 different schools on how to start with the implementation of the Sports and play program and to give them an introduction in sport for development.

The first day was already beyond my expectations. The teachers were so eager to learn and they loved to learn and play all the games together. We started the day with discussing the goals of the training. At the end of the day almost all the goals were already met and one teacher even told me he could not remember a day where he felt more like a kid then that day.

During the training we taught the teachers how to play and explain the games. In between we did energizers and games, which were full of joy and laughter. It was really good that it was an interactive training and it was great to also learn from the teachers about how things work in Kenya and to learn new games from them.

After two days of training we organized three sport tournaments at the schools for in total 300 children. Every day two of the teachers were in charge and the other teachers guided a game that they were responsible for. With six teams the children went from game to game. We played loud music and it was wonderful to see how much fun the children were having. They were dancing, playing and screaming of joy. The smiles on their faces were priceless, they were having the day of their lives. And even better the teachers were doing so well that after the first lunch the teachers already switched games. While the idea was that they would teach one game, they taught all six.

We always ended the day with a ceremony and all the children got a medal for their great effort. After this we all danced together and the children were laughing even more to see two blond dutch girls dancing with their stiff hipps.

I never would have thought that the training and the tournaments would be such a success! It was a wonderful experience and it’s a really nice idea that this was only the beginning of a great journey for the schools. After this they will get more training and in the end they will be able to run the program by themselves. So great to know that this was not a one time thing for the children but that it’s a sustainable program. I would advise everyone to go and experience this amazing adventure!

Charlotte Gorsira, trainer Kick-off Kenya november 2017.


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