An important learning aspect was the importance of being a role model as a coach!

Sport in Action and Join for Joy capacity building training for the hockey dreams foundation, a huge success!

Last week, Sport in action and Join for Joy held a two day’s training program for the Hockey Dreams Foundation in Zambia. Our coordinator Edgar Silwimba proudly reports;

The training began with the total number of 13 participants these participants are currently volunteer coaches for the HDF. The main purpose of this training was to look at how best we could introduce the concept of sport for development into the Hockey Dream Foundation.

With help of the trainer the trainer manual and the kicking aids out manual we were able to bring the learners to an understanding of the use of sport as a tool for development.

Another important learning aspect was the importance of being a role model as a coach. And finally we focused on leading a sporting activity and the practical aspect of how we could integrate sport to fight social challenges such as drugs, diseases and student academic performances.

The coaches were able to bring out lots of ideas after they led an activity using hockey. We later succesfully awarded the silver certificate to the foundation and 13 certificates to all the participants for succesfully participating in the training.

In conclusion it was discovered the coaches needed to be capacity built on sport for development and social challenges. However with the help of this training and the positivity which was exhibited by them during the training, we strongly believe there will be great improvement in how they manage their activities with regards to sport for development.

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