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In May 2019, Comedian Carolien Borgers travels to Chongwe, Zambia to be part of the team that trains teachers on sports for development during the Train the Trainer course.

“I remember when I was seven, I started to go to theatre classes at my local community centre. It was the first time in my life I felt that I found a way of letting the thoughts and feelings that were inside of me out. Sports and play are an amazing way of communication, because it gives you the possibility to look at things from different angles.

This is also what I am really looking forward to during our week in Zambia; not only to get to know the teachers and interact with them, but to see the impact sports and play has on them and their way of teaching the kids.”

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  • Bruno says:

    Thank you Edgar for the effort. And to Join for Joy, your openness to new ideas gives us the momentum in whatever we do. Hockey coached are more like the PE teachers in our context here in Uganda, however we also look forward to partnering with other organisations in the area to offer training packages relating to sports as a tool for development to their target audiences like football coaches among others.

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