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Sports and play can make a huge difference for vulnerable children, also during this COVID-19 pandemic. Join for Joy is committed to support vulnerable children in the hard-to-reach areas of East Africa. Besides exercise and fun, the Join for Joy Sport and Play program gives children in primary schools the opportunity to learn how to prevent themselves getting diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and Malaria.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Join for Joy uses the power of sports and play to inform children in a playful way on how to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. For that reason, we have designed an informative flyer in collaboration with our partners and designer Eva van Dongen and made accompanying videos that emphasize the importance of “washing hands” and “coughing and sneezing in your elbow”. In the videos, children can sing along to the “Happy Hands song” and dance along to the “Dab and Sneeze dance”.

Do you also like to sing and dance?

A QR code is shown on the flyer. If you scan the code you will find videos that show how you can dance the “Dab and Sneeze dance” and sing the “Clean hands, Happy hands song”. Join!

Dab and Sneeze

Happy hands song

It goes like this:
“Clean hands happy hands, lalalalala”
“Clean hands happy hands, lalalalala”

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