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children can interact freely, discover and develop talents, and work on their physical health and mental resilience in a safe environment. All this is in a socially safe environment where children get treated fairly and equally. In this way, boys and girls can develop into healthy and resilient children with a positive perspective on the future.

€ 25, – allows a vulnerable child to participate in our program.

Join for Joy is a foundation under Dutch law, registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 52315525. The Dutch tax authorities have recognized Join for Joy as a charitable organization with ANBI-status. Our head office is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Join for Joy has been recognized as a charity by the CBF (CBF-Erkend Goed Doel).

Joining the Dam tot Dam Run 2023

On September 17, the annual Dam to Dam Run will take place. We are searching for enthusiasts to join our team and run 16 km to introduce as many children as possible in East Africa to learning through play. Interested to join? Leave your details here!

    Give For Good

    With Give for Good, you can support Join for Joy not only now, but also in the future. They convert your donation into an investment, the return of which gets paid out annually. This return continues to grow forever, making your donation a lasting source of impact for Join for Joy.
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