From day 1 the teachers were excited and eager to learn!

Soueba Gambo, grew up in Ghana and shared her passion for Sport during the Kick-off in Kenya.


Gambo legacy! Growing up our family home had an open door policy regardless of your background or economic status. My grandparents did not know “you are not from here”. Every time I got back from boarding school I would wonder how many more kids I had to share a room or eat together with. My grandma would then respond you are not the only Gambo here! There was not a day that went by that I wouldn’t witness my granddad; the most wisest, kindest, generous man I know solve complex issues amongst families and friends in our town. As I grew older and find my self traveling around the world, all I want to do is to contribute to their legacy!
Last week I volunteered and shared my passion for sport for development with 24 teachers in the rural areas of Kenya. An experience that got me thinking about the very little we can all do to make sure kids get to play sports; that school becomes a save haven regardless of the life they live. That teachers become their best friends and other students become their camaraderie.

From day 1 the teachers were excited and eager to learn. Their humility and patience is something we can all learn from! Seeing them organize 3 sports days at their schools with over 350 kids after just 2 days of training with us brought tears to my eyes. I know this is just the beginning of their 3 year program, but I hope I inspired them to go back to their schools to even do more than the tools we gave them.

A big thank you to Join for joy for this opportunity and having the trust in me that I could do this job.

Four total strangers from different backgrounds came together and conquered this challenge with exceptional dedication and pleasure. To the team of trainers, thank you for teaching me the power of expressing my feelings and thoughts. We did nailed it!

Hakuna matata!

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