Become our trainer

Join for Joy cannot exist without the help of enthusiastic and motivated trainers! Therefore, we carefully assemble teams that guide our trainings. When selecting the volunteer trainers, we mainly look for trainers with a background in sports, coaching or other proven qualities and skills that could be an asset to our training. Interested in joining our team of trainers please contact us for further details.

Start a fundraiser

Do you have a great idea for a fundraising event? You are more than welcome to join our creative group of supporters that have come up with the most inventive ideas to raise money for Join for Joy!

Start a school campaign

Starting a school campaign is an excellent way to be able to make a difference! For example, come up with inventive sports and playing activities with your fellow pupils and make sure that children in the rural areas of Africa also get the chance to enjoy sports and play at school!

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Sign up for Dam to Damloop

SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBER: DAM TO DAMLOOP! Join our team!   Are you willing to give it your all during the Dam to Damloop? During this famous Amsterdam Run, you can…

Top performer of the month July – Hilda

Hilda Mbabazi Meet Hilda Mbabazi, from team Uganda! Hilda is one of our female Sports and play coordinators and a great role model to many young girls in the Join for Joy…

African children playfully learn to say ‘no’ to abuse.

A frican children playfully learn to say ‘no’ to abuse.   At the countryside of Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Malawi, a carefree childhood for school children is anything but self-evident. Hard…