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Meet Mwangala Ikacana. Miss Zambia 2016.

I’m from a country that has changed a lot of lives through sports. Many celebrated Sports men and women in Zambia have come from humble backgrounds, and have used their passion and dedication in sports to grow and better their lives.

Whether we speak of Catherine Phiri’s mighty left and right hooks, or the quick feet of Soccer sensation Stoppila Sunzu, or even how we reminisce about the cheers in our heads when the great Samuel Matete was awarded with his Olympic medal. These are among great men and women who have now become role models for many girls and boys in our community to aspire to be great.

Through sport, children have a real opportunity to gain confidence and a voice. It can help them realize or even exceed what they previously thought might be the limit of their potential. If sport is one of the first instances in life where an individual encounters failure, then their ability to make a choice on how to deal with that and turn it into a positive outcome becomes crucial. Having a platform that can allow me to encourage and give hope to a young person makes me feel like I have a super power, and it is my duty to use it purposefully.”

Warm Regards

Mwangala Ikacana
Miss Zambia 2016

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