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This is what we call a World Cup!

The future of girls in Sub Saharan Africa depends on whether or not they have access to decent menstrual products. One in ten African school girls misses an entire schoolweek each month, simply because of their menstruation. For many of them, it’s inevitable to fall behind, drop out of school and get married off. Other girls get infected due to the usage of alternative products, for example cloths, cotton, sand, old socks, or even cow dung.

One single menstrual cup changes everything for a girl: it gives her confidence. It gives her the opportunity to never miss a day of school again and to work on her future.

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Distribution of the cups

Meet our colleague Mirriam, our menstrual hygiene specialist. Before the girls in our program receive a menstrual cup, we discuss menstruation and taboos surrounding this subject with girls and teachers. During this training session, we instruct the girls on how to use the cups safely and hygienically. After the distribution, we support the girls during school visits so that they can ask questions whenever they want.