Join for Joy offers children an opportunity to enjoy sports and playing activities at school. Unfortunately, for many children that grow up in the rural areas of Kenya, Uganda and Zambia sports and play is not that evident. Children grow up in difficult conditions because of crime, child labor, loss of parents and diseases.

Most schools in rural areas do not have access to the resources needed to provide a solid sports program for children. This is where Join for Joy steps in. We support primary schools in setting up a structural, inclusive and fun Sports and play program compatible with their terrain, including training of the PE teachers and materials.

Join for Joy believes in the power of teamwork. We want to make a sustainable impact in the selected regions. Therefor we plan, design and organize the program in such a way that it remains close to demands and wishes of the local communities. Join for Joy strongly relies on the spirit and involvement of local partners, schools, volunteer trainers, and the children. The main agents of change are the teachers of the participating primary schools as they are the ones that can ensure that all future students will get the chance to enjoy sports and play at school.