“Not just one, but many once-in-a-life time experiences come by during those camps”


Summer camp August 2015

My experience as head of staff of the Join for Joy summer camps in August 2015 was fantastic. Preparing the trip together with Daan Snijders was already so much fun: it immediately reminded me of how much fun I had together with the children and the staff a year ago, when I also participated as volunteer for Join for Joy summer camps.

During the summer camps, I was humbled to see that these kids are grateful for things that seem so self-evident: singing a song, laughing, playing a game. Not just one, but many once-in-a-life time experiences come by during those camps: a walking safari where the kids are just amazed by seeing zebras and giraffes (it is unbelievable that most of them have never seen these animals before), a boat trip on Lake Naivasha among the hippos, being able to sleep in a tent and to take a hot shower.

In addition, I think that it’s a privilege to teach these kids the very basics about hygiene, HIV, safe sex etc. Teaching them such important things in a child-friendly environment might indeed put them in the position to improve their situation at home, just a tiny bit. I loved being one of the head of staff, simply because I like to do many things at the same time. I like to organize, to play with and watch the kids, to instruct and have fun with the volunteers. In fact: both the (new) volunteers and the children arrive at the camp a little nervous about what is going to happen. Yet, they all leave the camp with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. I would be very happy to do it again.

Dewi Hamwijk


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