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Working towards a long-term sustainable impact.

Sports and play inspires and strengthens children to stand up and face challenges such as violence, child labor, teenage pregnancies, early marriage, illiteracy and inequality.  Not only does sports and play bring joy into the education system, it enables children to become powerful agents of their own lives. It invites children to come to school and to stay in school.

In addition to the family and the community, primary school is a constant and reliable aspect in the lives of children. At school, children learn the knowledge and skills they later need in society. Schools have the ability to guide playful learning that can unlock the transformative power of education for children. This is why we invest in the capacity building of schools.


Our approach results in

Less drop-outs

Sports and play function as a simple, universal and effective way to motivate children to come to school and to stay in school. Children love to play, more than anything. Through sports and play school becomes a happier and safer place for children.

Empowered girls and boys

Active boys and girls have improved self-esteem and courage. Through sports and play children learn about the importance of gender equality. Sports and play reduces the risk for anxiety and depression. It invites children to believe in their own abilities and to respect others. Girls and boys are encouraged to think big and to set and accomplish their goals in life.

Developed talent

Sports and play encourage children to explore, discover and develop their talents. Children learn the values of individual and group responsibility, physical strength, competition and diversity.

Energized children

The benefits of sports and play have spillover effects on children’s learning curve during cognitive classes. Exercise is a great way to improve energy levels as it produces the lucky substance endorphins. These endorphins not only fight the stress hormone and contribute to better health but also give children a good feeling. Which is beneficial for their commitment to learning.

Increased concentration

Sports and play increases focus. Exercising stimulates blood ciculation, which allows more oxygen-rich blood to enter the brain. That sharpens the focus of children and makes it easier for children to concentrate during other school tasks and jobs.

Awareness social issues

Play is the key to a holistic social development of children. It is a tool to bring a change in marginalized communities by focusing on a couple of developmental objectives such as health, education and improved livelihoods. A number of sports and play activities playfully address issues as gender equality, hygiene, sexuality and inclusion.

Meaningful education can change children’s lives

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