Pilot summer camps in Uganda!

For 2025, Join for Joy has the ambition to offer many children in five different developing countries an opportunity to sport and play. In light of this ambition, half a year ago Join for Joy had the first meetings with possible local partner organizations in Uganda. After these successful meetups, Join for Joy decided to organize two pilot summer camps in Uganda, at Bushara Island in December 2015.

Two local organizations have been selected for this pilot, KvU and Caritas Uganda. The selection of a solid local partner is a very important factor for the success for Join for Joy, as the local partner offers a network of schools, maintains contact with the teachers, and selects the children who may join the camp.

School visit Caritas Uganda & Kinderen van Uganda

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Both possible partners have their specific merits and seem solid partners that share Join for Joy’s mission to make sports and play accessible to the most needy children. This December, together with Join for Joy, each organization will organize one summer camp for 60 children of two different local schools. In total, 120 children get the chance to be part of the first Join for Joy summer camps in Uganda! 

The coming months Join for Joy will be busy preparing a tailored sports and play program that meets the specific needs and desires of the Ugandan children, preparing the camp ground, and organizing the selection of schools, teachers, social workers and, most importantly, the children, together with the local partners. A strong team of volunteers has been compiled that cannot wait to face all new adventures and challenges of organizing the first Join for Joy summer camps in Uganda.

We will keep you updated on the progress we make!


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