Generally, primary schools prioritize language and mathematics over physical education.

Physical education is not being delivered or delivered without quality. There is insufficient time allocated to sports, or there is a lack of competent qualified and/or inadequately trained teachers. These practices, combined with inadequate provision of facilities and equipment and teaching materials, large class sizes and funding cuts, need to change.

We invite primary schools, local government officials, and communities to bridge the glaring gap between the existence of laws and policies that prescribe PE education on the one hand, and the reality of implementation on the ground on the other.

We exclusively work with schools, as we want to create a long term, sustainable impact in the regions. Schools are the most reliable, solid, and constant factor in the communities, and in the lives of their students. We believe that a change in awareness of the importance of sport for the development of children is most effective when it develops bottom up.

Make a circle, Kenya