Every child is different. Every child has different talents.

In the more traditional school setting with a strong focus on the development of cognitive skills that characterize most rural primary schools in East Africa, some children feel left out. As a result, they start to disrupt the class or might eventually drop out. Sports and play gives them an opportunity to develop their talents and to show their teacher a different side of themselves. Sports and play give many children an opportunity to excel. This contributes to their self esteem and encourages them to give it their all, also during other classes.

Talent development in our Sports and Play program is inclusive. This means that we invite the schoolteachers to move beyond the single recognition of one highly talented soccer player to a broader approach of talent development. Talents are found in children who can really well work together, who easily take responsibility for the sports materials and who feel comfortable to lead a team.

As one of our teachers reports:

“I have a student who has been shy since primary one. She is now in primary five. She is a team leader almost everyday we play. She has been elected as a games prefect and is doing her job perfectly. She has acquired leadership skills within a short period of time.”

Sports tournament in Uganda.