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Welcome Els Visser

S he survived a shipwreck, has a doctoral degree in surgery and is a professional Ironman athlete! Meet our talented, brave and inspiring Ambassador Els Visser:


I am very proud that I am the new ambassador of Join for Joy! I want to show the children that when you believe in yourself, you can push yourself to the limit, discover new talents and you can get the most out of life! I would like to use my experience to inspire young children in often difficult situations that a better future starts in believing in your own strength and talents.

My pathway to professional sport is very unique. I studied medicine, travelled a lot during my studies, survived a shipwreck in Indonesia, worked as a doctor in Surgery and started doing triathlon late 2016. My first Ironman was in Switzerland in 2017 where I finished first of all age groupers and 4th overall. I discovered a talent I never knew I had. Last year I turned professional and this was a big year for me. The highlight was that I became an Ironman Champion by winning the Ironman in my home country!  I will proudly represent myself as Join for Joy ambassador.

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