Special Mail from Kenya!


Join for Joy believes in the power of collaboration and listening to the needs of local partners and schools. Evaluation is an essential component. During a local research in Thika, the rural area where a lot of the kids who participate in the summer camps come from, one of the head teachers shared the following:

The head teacher of Rubiru school, Mrs. Nyuthu, told us about the impact the outing with Join for Joy has had on the children of her school. She said that those children had never seen a tarmac road before and were very surprised to see other villages and life outside their environment. It has changed their perspective and has taught them valuable lessons. As Mrs. Nyuthy said: “When it rains, all children call the mud pools lakes. But not the children that went on the outing to Lake Naivasha. They know what a real lake is.”

The outing has also changed the way they feel and how they handle school and school work. They are motivated more than before and to be taken away from their oftentimes difficult home situation has changed their perspective on life. It has meant very much to them.


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