Sports and play program

Join for Joy offers exposure, expertise, training and materials for primary schools to develop and implement sports and play activities. The mission of Join for Joy strongly relies on the teamwork, commitment and dedication of local partners, teachers and trainers. In line with the needs of a specific community, and under the supervision of our local partner and Join for Joy, the selected primary schools start a three-phase Sports and Play program.

Kick-off - Phase 1

In phase 1, a selection of students and teachers from one elementary school participate in the Kick-off camp, led by trainers and local sports and play coordinators. During the Kick-off, the teachers and the trainers of Join for Joy work intensively side by side. The teachers get inspired and trained to continue the sports and playing activities back at school and implement the activities in their own school program. Teachers are instructed how to use the Game box and Game manual. The teachers and the children attending the Kick-off are the front-runners of the Sports and play program. Besides the sports and play activities, the children get informed about health issues such as HIV/AIDS and malaria, boys / girls empowerment, life skills and career opportunities. At the end of a Kick-off, the schools receive the bronze Join for Joy certificate.

After the Kick-off, the teachers at school continue the sports and playing activities. This way, all students can benefit from the Sports and play program. The sports and play coordinator of our partner organization supervises and support the teachers with the implementation of the program and guides the schools throughout the 3 phases.

Train the trainer course - Phase 2

In the subsequent phase, teachers follow the Train the trainer course. The Train the trainer course is developed in cooperation with the International Sports Alliance ( in order to offer a tailor-made course for the purpose of training teachers how to create a physical education curriculum at school. During a five-day training course, twenty-four teachers from six schools (four teachers per school) are trained about the importance of sport and play and the power of sports and play as a means to discuss social issues such as health, empowerment and inclusion.

The Train the trainer course is guided by two Join for Joy trainers from the Netherlands and by two local sports and play coordinators. Theory is interchanged with practice exercises. During the course teachers inspire each other and share experiences with other teachers. After successfully participating in the Train the trainer course the schools receive the Silver Join for Joy certificate. The teachers also receive a personal certificate.

Achievement review - Phase 3

In the third and final phase of the Join for Joy program, the Achievement review takes place. Join for Joy visits the school and evaluates to what extent the school succeeded in making the Sports and play program an integral part of the curriculum. The review is completed together with the local Sports and play coordinator.

After a satisfactory achievement review, the school receives the Golden Join for Joy certificate. From this review onwards, the school is capable of organizing independently sports and play activities for its students. If necessary, a school gets extra support after completion of the program. The Achievement review also evaluates the results and effectiveness of the Join for Joy program. Interviews take place with various stakeholders, including the students, parents, teachers, local partner and director of the school.