The impact of the COVID-19 virus is significant. Also in the rural areas where Join for Joy is active. Many families do not have access to the right information sources. Therefore, there is a lot of uncertainty about the causes, symptoms and consequences of the virus. This is very frightening. Especially for children. We are committed to keeping the children and teachers in our program safe and healthy. As you know, we strongly believe in the power of sports and play to inform children.


That is why we have, in collaboration with Eva van Dongen (known as @devisueelmaker), made an informative handout especially for the children in the rural areas of Africa. We explain what the Corona virus is and what the symptoms are. We depict what children can do to stay safe and what they can do to protect others. On the back of the flyer there are 2 games that children can use to practice the precautions.

Spread the word, not the virus!

Our partner organizations and all our contacts make a joint effort to share the handout via whatsapp, they hang posters and print the handouts. Let’s beat the speed of corona by spreading this handout even faster and try to reach as many people as possible in developing countries where knowledge and information are not so readily available.

It would be great if you also see an opportunity to spread this handout further! Please send an email to for more information!

Do you want to join the dance on the handout? Watch the video “happy hands song” and “Dab and Sneeze dance” here.

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