Our team
Hannah Kooren
Managing Director

‘I believe that every child has the right to enjoy childhood but unfortunately many children all over the world grow up without enjoying the fun of sports and play. With Join for Joy we aim to inspire primary schools and invite their children and teachers to experience the empowering, joyful and connecting impact of sports and play.’

Minke van Geen – Meijboom
Managing Director

‘I get very excited from the fact that children get the possibility to discover their own talents within the Join for Joy Sports and play program. They gain a lot of confidence and self-esteem, which I believe is extremely important in life.’

Meike Smit
Country and Volunteer Coordinator

'As a graduate at the Academy of physical education I know the importance of the influence of sports and play for the development of a child. It's great that, with my passion for sports and play, I can show the children and teachers in Kenya and Uganda the importance and fun of sport and play!’

Ruth Mwinga
Sports and Play Coordinator Kenya

"I feel honored working with Join for joy as Sports & Play Coordinator. Play is the most pure product of man at this early stage. It is through play that children attain sensory awareness, creative expression, exploration of ideas and concepts, the pleasure of singing and the experience of living among others."

Martine Beijeman

‘Join for joy offers me the unique opportunity to be part of a tangible initiative, yet so large for many African children.’

Hilda Mbabazi
Sports and Play Coordinator Uganda

‘All children have the same needs and the greatest of all to feel loved. I am happy I can offer the less privileged children to experience the joy in childhood through sports and play. I believe this will continue to motivate them to stay in school and remain focused on what they have set to achieve in life.’

Bruno Mugisha
Sports and Play Coordinator Uganda

‘If we are going to ensure that all kids have the change to grow up fit and strong, we must among other efforts, eliminate the barriers to sports participation. Lack of physical activity contributes to inactivennes, and inactive children often become inactive adults. I’m truly glad to be part of this dynamic team that helps children enjoy being active every day.’

Edgar Silwimba
Sports and Play Coordinator Zambia

"Development goes hand in hand with sports, the contribution of sports to the growth of our nation cannot be doubted. Physical education helps promote a healthy and active society. I am glad to be part of this great project and the Join for Joy family. It is my sincere hope that this project will definitely change the approach both teachers and pupils have towards physical education."

Sammy Thaimu
Sports and Play Coordinator Zambia

"One of my life’s philosophies is that I cannot pursue and achieve a dream all by myself without the help of other people. Whatever a dreamer needs is the right circle of people who will buy into their dream and support if it were their own. Hence, Join for Joy project is great for it contributes positive social change to young people in the community and transform their lives, and I am honoured to be part of it."

Michiel Schul
Board – Chairman
Tax adviser at Loyens & Loeff

‘I hope that with our Sports and play program we can let children forget about their daily responsibilities and give them an unforgettable time.’

Paul Huizinga
Board - Quaestor
Director M&A at Squarefield

‘Join for joy combines two elements that play an important role in my life, children and sports. Every now and then, we should stand back and realise that our children have unlimited opportunities compared to many others.’

Let Schutter
Board - Secretary
Founder at Let's do it!

‘I was very honored to be part of the first camps of join for joy in december 2011. It was overwhelming to see the transformation in the kids, their smile and laughter while playing is priceless and made me want to stay connected to this fantastic initiative.’

Aart van Os

‘Being member of the advisory board of “Join for joy” is stimulating, working with young passionated professionals who are eager to contribute beyond the country border.”

Annette van Andel

‘Sport is a great way to contribute to the social development of children (and adults), anywhere in the world. By combining sports, games and fun, young people involved in join for joy add value to the lives of children in Kenya and Uganda’

Alex Klusman

‘I truly believe in the power of sport and play activities as a meaningful contribution to the quality of life of children, as much here in Europe as in Africa.