The Sports and play program will have a lasting impact on the school and community!


The Kick-off training was first introduced to us on the 12th August, 2018 in Lusaka. During this training various issues were outlined and not forgetting new techniques and knowledge. As an individual I came to understand that is very important in that enhancing children’s learning. Throughout the life of a child, sports and play can be valuable driving tools in promoting health and prevent disease, both sport through itself, and the participatory act of watching others play, with associated communication, education and social interaction that games can produce. All this knowledge was shared during the training and it brought about that meaningful interaction with other colleagues from the other participating schools.

The program will have a lasting impact on the school and community as activities will act as a driving force in attracting pupils coming to school. As they play for joy, they will be engaged in activities that employ and teach safe and inclusive play along with sport that are tools in improving children’s lives. Children in the world are naturally drawn to sport and play because they engage all children, even the poorest and most marginalized in society to have fun and enjoy their childhood. It will also help in reducing child mortality in the community as physical inactivity is identified as one of the leading factor to global mortality.

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