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Top performer of the month – Daan Hardeman

This is Daan! Daan is our sweet and social animal in the office! For those who meet Daan for the first time, they see a big blond guy. But they soon find out he has a heart of gold. He takes good care of his colleagues and looks after everyone. The question regularly asked by Daan, is: “How are you really doing?”. Daan brings warmth and cosiness to the office and every morning he walks in with a lot of energy and a smile on his face. Daan has a huge passion for sports. He cycles regularly and when the waves are good you will find Daan bouncing behind his desk, ready to grab his surfboard to catch some waves before the sun goes down!

Daan’s heart doesn’t only beat faster from sports. Also traveling is a thing that makes Daan very happy. Together with his girlfriend he travelled around the world for 1.5 years. They visited many countries. With sports and traveling as Daan’s favorite activities, working for Join for Joy seemed very suitable for him. Daan started as an enthusiastic trainer for Join for Joy in Uganda where he fit right in! After that he ended up as a project coordinator for Join for Joy a year and a half ago!

But why is Daan our top performer of the month?

As a project coordinator, Daan knows better than anyone else what is going on in the countries where Join for Joy is active. Every week Daan gives a complete update per country to everyone in the office, he knows exactly what’s going on. Daan is very motivated and even during these times he knows how to enthuse our sports and play coordinators in Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and Malawi during the weekly video calls he has with them. During these times he directs the trainings from a distance.

His favorite game?

Quality in the mix! This game consists of many different elements which makes it very
challenging. During the time of a course, various exercises are carried out for each team, such as calculating a math game, solving a riddle or running a distance. In this game you learn to recognize and appreciate your own qualities and those of your teammates. You help each other and encourage each other!