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Top performers of the month – Boniface Byamugisha and Javira Birungi

Boniface and Javira are our sports and play coordinators in Uganda. After secondary school, Javira and Boniface completed their teacher education and both have 10 years of teaching experience.

They have got  a lot of knowledge about the importance of sports for development and how you can use sports as a powerful tool for playful learning! They are very enthusiastic and have great presentation skills. During their outreach activities for Caritas Uganda, our partner-organization, they have learned how to be able to talk about difficult topics by using drama and songs. Fantastic to see that they use these tools, next to sports and play activities to break through barriers!

But why are Boniface and Javira our top performers of the month?
Boniface and Javira are our newest coordinators in the Join for Joy team and due to Corona they, together with Hilda, managed to organise a Train the trainer all by themselves, without support from their Dutch colleagues! We can also call them very inventive!  They came up with the idea to paint some games out of our sports and play program on the walls of the schools. Children will now never forget the games and teachers will never forget to play!

Their favorite game?

The frustration game! There are many beautiful games where children can learn from, but they have chosen the frustration game because it’s so much fun! Teamwork is really necessary if you want to make this game a success with your team. The game is super energetic, communication is important and you have to be strategic to win!