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Top performer of the month –  Simon Kamau

Meet Simon! Simon is our new Sports and Play Coordinator in Kenya. Simon is 29 years old and used to be a kindergarten teacher for 6 years. As a teacher, he developed his passion for sports and play. He even started a sports club in his home village. With his teaching skills, knowledge of sports for development and enormous energy, Simon inspires and trains the teachers in our program!

But why is Simon our top performer of the month?
Simon is creative, innovative, hard working and a real team player. With his great sense of humor he lights up every room and brings JOY to the children in the schools. He is always on the roll and makes beautiful photos and videos of the sports and play activities in the schools, which he shares with the whole Join for Joy team! But the greatest of all things: he brings out the best in other people.

His favorite game?

The ‘Don’t Bite Me’ game! Simon says: ”There are many games I really like, but “Don’t Bite Me” in particular. Children enjoy themselves a lot during the game and while playing, they learn about the symptoms of Malaria and how to protect themselves from it. Playful learning is such a powerful way to learn about topics like Malaria!”