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Top performer of the month – Sammy Thaimu

This is Sammy, he is our sports and play coordinator in Zambia. After secondary school, Sammy completed a training in sports for development and peace. Last month he was rewarded by FIFA as a youth coach. Sammy works for Join for Joy since 2017 and is a true pillar in the Join for Joy program in Chongwe where we are active.

He has a lot of knowledge about the importance of sport for the development of a child and how you can use sports as a tool for playful learning! Sammy is a father and is not only a role model for his own children, but also for teachers and children in the program. Sammy knows like no other how to inspire teachers and how to motivate them to become successful PE teachers!

But why is Sammy our top performer of the month?

Sammy always gives 100%. He understands the program and the urgency of our work like no other. Sammy is super dedicated to our projects and is a colleague “full of joy.”

His favorite game?

Catch the ribbon is his favorite game! There are so many beautiful aspects and life skills that belong to this game. For example; cooperation, you have to sacrifice yourself for the team to be successful and to get out of the danger zone. The game is super energetic and everyone should work hard to win!