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Top performer of the month – Hendrik

This is Hendrik. Hendrik is responsible for the marketing and fundraising of Join for Joy. Hendrik has strong empathic skills and his energy is limitless. He has a big heart, is very engaged, and before you know it, he has fired all kinds of questions at you. Hendrik loves to travel and to learn about different cultures and people. He is a reader, surfer and salsa dancer (the dancing we just have to assume because we never saw any proof of that in real time) Does this sounds all too good to be true? Well, Hendrik can also be pretty stubborn. But to be fair, that same characteristic has been quite helpful for him in life.

Why is Hendrik our top performer of the month?

Hendrik only works at Join for Joy for six months. In this short amount of time he was able to fit in very easily. He is very passionate about sports for development and will do whatever is in his power to support Join for Joy’s mission to reach as many children as possible. If you need his help, he will always be there for you. A 9 to 5 mentality is pretty foreign to him. Join for Joy is already part of his DNA and he is well grounded in our Joy family. He is determined, he strongly believes in what he can do, and he will give his all. Hendrik is always cheerful. But be careful, with his smile and a hint of humor he knows how to get you to do what he wants!

His favorite game?

That is “Stop right now”. With this game, children learn to set boundaries. How does it feel when someone else tries to push you to the limit. How do you recognize your own limits? You always have the right to say NO.