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Hilda Mbabazi

Meet Hilda Mbabazi, from team Uganda! Hilda is one of our female Sports and play coordinators and a great role model to many young girls in the Join for Joy program. Next to that Hilda is a huge source of inspiration for the entire Join for Joy team and has impressive presentation skills. She just recently gave a powerful workshop for the entire Join for Joy team in Kenya about sport as a tool to empower boys and girls. Inspiring people is Hilda’s strength. During school visits she empowers parents, teachers and children.


But why is Hilda actually our top performer of the month? 

Hilda has the power to inspire boys and girls with her enthusiasm and expertise. Hilda is a role model for the children and the teachers. In Uganda many people still think that playing sports can be dangerous for young girls. They believe that girls can become infertile. Hilda is doing an incredible job in changing these thoughts about these myths. We are proud to have her in our team with all her knowledge and expertise.

Her favorite game?

The ‘boy and girl relay’ and ‘my space game’ These games are so challenging for the children. At the same time they learn how to deal with respect, assertiveness and self respect. A great win win situation. Hilda always starts playing when she visit a school.