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Top performer of the month – Meike Smit 

This is Meike. Meike is our “happy go lucky colleague” at the office. Although she is a very hard worker, you can’t get her stressed out! She has this beautiful smile on her face during whatever challenge she is confronted with. Meike loves to be in front of a group. She knows how to motivate people in a charming way. She is in her full element when when she explains an energizer or a game that teaches children how to stand up for themselves. 

In 2014 she completed her study Physical Education Teacher at the Academy for Physical Education (ALO) in Amsterdam. After her studies she spread her wings and went to Australia to work for 9 months. After this fantastic and adventurous time in Australia, she returned to the Netherlands where she started working for Partou as a Senior Event Manager and Pedagogy. Her main tasks were to organize and implement health and exercise programs and pedagogical guidance in the field of education.

When Meike noticed the vacancy at Join for Joy she immediately knew; this is my dream job. She left over 100 other applicants behind and was hired as a Project manager. Meike was thrown in the deep end, and immediately traveled to Uganda to see our Sports and play programs on the spot. Since then, Join for Joy has grown enormously and Meike has played an important role in that!

Meike still loves to travel and packs her bag about four times a year to work with our colleagues in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia and to transfer her enthusiasm and knowledge about sport for development to the teachers in our program.

But why is Meike our top performer of the month?

Meike has inexhaustible energy. She completes one sport challenge after the other. Her middle name at the office is the “Burpee Queen”. Her enthusiasm is contagious. But don’t be fooled by her sweet smile, this lady knows exactly what she wants. 

Her favorite game?

The “Frustration game”. This is a challenging game that teaches you how to communicate in a nonverbal way. The assignment is to cross a field with your entire team without speaking. Only natural materials such as cardboard, stones, branches, cloths and paper can be used which makes it even more challenging! The children learn a lot about the importance and impact of nonverbal communication and their creativity is put to the test.