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James and Kennedy

T his month we have two top performers of the month: James and Kennedy. They are our Sports and Play coördinators in Malawi. Last August we started with the implementation of our program in Malawi. From the first meeting James and Kennedy managed to convince us with their great knowledge about sport for development. During the very first Kick-off ever in Malawi, Kennedy and James surprised us with their energy!


Why are they our performers of the month?

During the training sessions they managed to motivate all 24 participating teachers enormously and during the sports days at the schools they managed to inspire young and old with the Sports and Play program! This is just the start of our collaboration with these men and we are looking forward to the future.

Their favorite game?

The favorite game of James and Kennedy is Don’t bite me. This game is first and foremost challenging, secondly the children learn how to get malaria and how to prevent themselves from it. Fantastic that this can be explained in a game form.

Thanks James and Kennedy! We are very happy with you in our team and looking forward to more beautiful years.