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Top performers of the month  – Kefa and James

Kefa and James are two primary school teachers from Kenya that joined Join for Joy in 2016. They successfully completed the program in 2018 and are now supporting our sports and coordinators Ruth and Monica during the training weeks. Since they experienced the three phase sports and play program themselves, Kefa and James are the perfect agents of change! They know how to motivate, inspire and trigger the new teachers in the program. But above all, they know how to transfer their positivism and enthusiasm for the Join for Joy program, because they already have experience the impact of sports for development on the children.

Why are Kefa and James our top performers of the month?

Kefa and James are teachers who are full of energy and they give all their best, share their passion for sports for development and knowledge to help the teachers to become the best version of themselves

Their favorite game?

They like most of our games but what they really like is to energize the whole group after a tea break or lunch. They will use a great song with so much fun and energy that it’s very hard not to join even if you’re not joining the training group.

Kefa and James thank you so much for sharing your passion for Sports for development and for being part of the Join for Joy family. We hope to continue our partnership for a very long time.

Curious about these 2 top performers in real life? Meet them in this video: