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Top performer of the month  – Minke

T his is Minke. Minke is our captain at Join for Joy. She is a true powerhouse and an inspiration for many people. Her energy, enthusiasm and positivity are admirable. Since the very beginning of Join for Joy, she easily turns obstacles into opportunities, nothing is too crazy for her.


Why is Minke our top performer of the month?

Minke is always there to help. She is always available to answer questions and comes up with many new ideas and strategies for the Join for Joy Program. She knows how to keep the team spirit high. She sits radiantly behind her desk in Amsterdam. Most at home is Minke in the field among teachers and children. No shortage of energy! She always starts playing a game right away. She is very creative. She has developed most of the sports and play activities from scratch. We are very proud to be part of Minke’s team.

Her favorite game?

The “Brain Game”! During this game the children must answer questions in teams. The answers may only be given when you are the first that reach the pan and hit it with the spoon. This game is not only very joyful and challenging, children also learn about many important topics such as hygiene, life skills and social and general skills!