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A world in which…

… every child goes to school, can have fun with an open mind, is given equal opportunities, and can work on their physical and mental health. That is the vision of Join for Joy. In this way, all children can develop into healthy and resilient children with a positive perspective on the future.

Unfortunately, the socio-economic conditions in rural East Africa mean that the reality is different for 40% of the children. They do not, or hardly, go to school. They work in the household or on the land or care for their younger brothers and sisters. These children face challenges such as extreme poverty, gender inequality, (sexual) violence, and diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria.

We commit to realizing our vision through the Join for Joy program daily. Our mission is to encourage children to come (back) to school, where they can play sports and play in a safe environment, discover and develop their talents, work on their resilience and health and playfully learn about social issues.

Join for Joy is committed to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):