We learned from the training, of the culture, of the chaos and of each other.

The first day with the teachers started slightly uncomfortable, but developed rapidly to great enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and and especially in lots of FUN! Exactly as told by Join for Joy. It was beautiful to see how much the teachers wanted to learn and how grateful they are to participate in the program.

Every hour was a step forward. We as trainers learned so much as well. We learned from the training, of the culture, of the chaos, of each other and lets not forget of our fellow trainers (Ruth & Monica) from partner organisation Macheo. Such a wonderful organisation, with a crucial role in the Sports and play program.

The sportdays at the school were a huge success. It started with many impressions of poverty, hunger, shyness, you name it. It was sometimes hard to focus but thank god we did. The joy and fun dominated!

We certainly feel that the teachers now believe in the importance of sports and play for children and that they will be able to implement the activities in the existing curriculum.

Thank you so much for this experience.

Trainers: Soueba, Kirsty, Suus en Caroline

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